Parents Say…

“The provision offered at this setting is superlative.”

“I could not have chosen a better nursery for my daughter… it is the perfect combination of the best features of childminders and nurseries – large enough to provide plenty of stimulation, but small enough to retain a family feel.”

“The level of care our daughter receives from Narnia is exceptional.”

“She organises a variety of fantastic activities which educates and gives the children enormous fun.”

“Narnia is a very warm and welcoming place for the children to be. My boy always enjoys his days there.”

“We have been very happy with the way our daughter has settled at Narnia. Sandra and her team have worked very hard to meet her individual needs.”

“Our daughter has been at Narnia for over two years now. She is very happy in this secure and loving environment. We call it ‘her place’ as she has lots of favourite toys and good friends here.”

“To quote our son the other Friday ‘Is it a Sandra day?’, me, ‘No darling, mummy is not working today’, my son ‘Oh, but I like going to Sandra’s’. I assume from that, he is very happy with you – and not that he just doesn’t want to spend time with me!”

Children Say…

“I love Sandra because she is kind and good natured. I love her because she loves me and the other children.”

“Well I have to say Narnia is a good place because if your parents need to go to work you can put your children in Narnia so the team can look after your child.”

“I love being here. I think it is a great place to put your child when you need to go to work.”

“Dear Sandra, I love you so much. Thank you for everything that you do for us.”